Yappy Pets Welcomes Zesty Paws to Singapore

At Yappy Pets, we’re committed to helping your furry friends live their healthiest lives possible. And now, with Zesty Paws officially on board, we’re excited to offer even more to fur parents in Singapore.

Zesty Paws, the number one pet supplement in the US provides pets with top-notch nutrition to support overall wellness. Their products cater to a variety of health concerns, including hip and joint, skin and coat, digestive and immune support, and many others.

When the award-winning brand first started, it offered Mobility Bites for dogs, a hip and joint supplement, along with Omega Bites and Wild Alaskan Oil. Today, these products are still a big hit with both pets and their fur parents.

Zesty Paws offer a complete line of premium supplements made to meet the different needs of all pets. Need to boost your bestie’s overall health? Choose from their Multifunctional line that’s loaded with benefits for joint function, heart health, and immune system to name a few. These yummy bites contain Glucosamine, Chondroitin, a Gut Health Blend, and a whole lot more! 

Achy and creaky joints are a pain for our pets but with Zesty’s Hip & Joint line, they’ll be pouncing and running again in no time. The bestseller Mobility Bites is famous for a reason. The functional chewables feature Glucosamine HCl and Chondroitin Sulfate to help support normal healthy cartilage and lubrication in joints.

Seasonal allergies and sensitive skin? Aller-Immune Bites is your buddy. Specially formulated to support immune function and help with seasonal foes, with human-grade Epicor and other ingredients, and a delicious lamb, salmon, or peanut butter flavor.

Zesty Paws’ fun, playful, and unique approach to pet supplements has amassed them with over 300,000 five-star glowing reviews* worldwide. Their growing assortment of FUN-ctional products are made with the highest quality, human-grade, and best-tasting ingredients. Made in the USA and guaranteed to be safe and effective for pets of all age, breed, and size.

Here at Yappy, we offer an extensive selection for pets, from food and treats to toys and essentials. With Zesty Paws joining the pack, we’re thrilled to include targeted supplements made to make your pet’s life easier, healthier, and happier.

Yappy Pets and Zesty Paws share the belief that our pets deserve a life of health and happiness, and together we’re determined to help fur parents give their furry friends the best possible care. Whether you’re looking for joint support for your aging pets or a boost to their overall health, Yappy and Zesty Paws have got you covered. 

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*Ratings and reviews based on all Zesty Paws supplements on Amazon, Chewy and ZestyPaws.com as of February 2023.

CNA Money Mind: Yappy Pets

On 08 Jan 2022 , Channel News Asia invited Yappy Pets to participate in the discussion regarding the post-pandemic pet economy and the East Asian market. The CNA episode shared insights such as how pet ownership around the world more than doubled in the first half of 2020 than 2019!

Our general manager Jasmine Tan was able to share exciting trends for pets and pet owners. These include wellness opportunities such as spa or hotel stays with amenities for both the human and the pet!

Want to learn more? Watch the CNA episode here:

NurturePRO Offers Nature-Based Nourishment for Pets — With A Brand New Look

NurturePRO is passionately committed to helping your pets live longer and healthier lives with all-natural pet products. Utilising ancient knowledge and modern methods, our nutritionists are dedicated to developing curative pet food and pet supplies.

With all-new packaging for the modern urbanite hooman, NurturePRO’s updated look reflects the changing times. Its new facade also underscores its nature-based philosophy.

NurturePRO’s food products are NurturePRO Originals, NurturePRO Nourish Life, Longevity Dog and Longevity Cat. Created with an understanding of nature and food nourishment, our dog food and cat food will sustain and nurture your furry friends. Made with elements found in the wild, such as fresh meats and fish and botanical oils, they contain remedial properties. With natural and wholesome ingredients, we care for your pets’ whole being holistically inside out.

NurturePRO Originals comes in 3 options: Bliss for All Life Stages Lamb & Pork with Fish Oil, Love for All Life Stages Herring & Pork with Fish Oil and Care for Puppy Lamb & Pork with Fish Oil. All NurturePRO Originals have a unique “3-9-10 formula”. The 3 represents three essential healty oils found in the products: fish seed oil, flax seed oil and sunflower oil. They are rich in DHA & EPA and Omega-3 & 6 fatty acid for skin, coat, hip and joint health. The 9 stands for nine vital fresh greens for optimal health and development. NurturePRO Originals also offers 10 types of essential benefits for the overall wellness of your pet.

NurturePRO Nourish Life is based on a simple nutritional philosophy: to feature fresh quality meats, vegetables and wild herbs. The varieties are: Slow-Cooked Salmon For Adult Dog, Slow-Cooked Lamb for Adult Dog, Slow-Cooked Chicken for Puppy & Adult Dog, Slow-Cooked Chicken for Kitten & Adult Cat, Slow-Cooked Alasakan Salmon for Indoor Kitten & Adult Cat and Slow-Cooked Chicken for Mature Cat/Weight Management. NurturePRO Nourish Life has a “6-9-12 formula”. Among the 6 types of nutritional values found in the products are DHA & EPA, antioxidants and Omega 3 & 6. Each product has 9 types of prebiotics and probiotics with numerous benefits, including preventing allergies, enhancing resistance against viruses and protecting against harmful bacteria. There are 12 herbs in NurturePRO Nourish Life, such as angelica root, marigold flower, dandelion root, turmeric, lavender flower and rosemary extract. All formulas feature two new exciting ingredients: chia seeds and coconut oil.

The Longevity series is composed of premium ingredients sourced from New Zealand. Made with 100% grain-free formulations and infused with superfoods, one serving of Longevity is a complete and balanced meal. For Longevity Cat, this means that the product meets the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profile.

Just like you, NurturePRO has an intrinsic love for animals. Create cherished moments with your pets by providing delicious food that fosters kinship and connection.

NurturePRO doesn’t only carry food products; we also offer kitty litter and a healing tonic. Your cats will be clean and healthy with NurturePRO Tofu Cat Litter. There are four varieties: Corn, Green Tea, Original and Charcoal. Made of natural tofu, they have no synthetic additives, added artificial chemicals, fragrances and perfumes. They are also 99% dust-free and have 100% biodegradable and flushable materials. In the Nano Colloidal Silver, you’ll find an antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory spray for your best pal’s wounds. An effective natural alternative to antibiotics, it has the highest concentration of colloidal silver in the market (120ppm).

Stay tuned for more exciting products and surprises.
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Yappy Pets Building in Singapore

Yappy Pets Sets Its Sights on Internationalisation

What began as a pet food distributor now has 16 brands of pet food and accessories in its portfolio, including Nurture Pro, earthmade by Boneve, Loveabowl, Daily Delight, Ziwi Peak, Inaba Ciao, and Oxbow Animal Health. Our products are available in countries such as China, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, and India – and we have no plans of slowing down.

Welcome to Yappy Pets, where your pets’ health and happiness are top of mind. Founded in Singapore by Mr Yap Seng Teck in 1994, Yappy Pets provides consumers with the best pet supplies in the market today. Is your furry pal a picky eater? Does your feline friend need environmentally-friendly cat litter? Look no further than Yappy Pets for solutions.

Jasmine Tan, our General Manager, was interviewed by the Singapore Business Federation on the success of the company. Tan shared that Yappy Pets begins by looking at the market readiness of a brand. “Meeting market demand and introducing brands and products at the right time is critical for us. Therefore, data analytics is very important, and we will usually conduct surveys and market trend spotting to identify relevant products that can fill the current gaps in the market.” From there, the company identifies the unique characteristics of each market and tailors its strategies. “Pet owners from certain markets like South Korea and Japan tend to have smaller dogs, compared to, those in Indonesia and the Philippines. So, for the smaller breeds, we will offer products that come in smaller packaging sizes. For example, instead of a four-pounder bag, we would package it as a 300-gram bag for these smaller dogs.”

The company is looking to enter the global market, with the United States as its first target. “The channels in the US are very different, and the way they do marketing is also very different. So, it is really a whole new game for us, and we will have to adapt to the preferences of the American pet owners.” Tan emphasized that the scale of the US market is unlike Asia’s – agents, wholesalers, independent retailers and other stakeholders are part of the picture. In Singapore, Yappy Pets works mainly with distributors and retailers.

Tan disclosed that understanding the market and finding the right partners are the two biggest challenges when it comes to internationalisation. Exploring networks and channels and conducting an analysis of the brands that are already represented are crucial. “There are many areas that you need help with, such as who to work with, how to enter the market, and what to do when it comes to government rules and regulations.” Still, Tan is not deterred. “We understand that different markets have unique characteristics. For example, in South Korea and China, e-commerce is very advanced and matured compared to our market. So, our market penetration strategy is tailored to each market.”

According to a case study by the SBF, part of Yappy Pets’ success is due to the fact that it “focused on brand advertising, cross-brand selling, and adding value to its products and services by offering online-exclusive merchandise.”[1]

The company also recognised that “digitalising its internal processes had enabled them to maximise the efficiency of its manpower resources and improve communications with its partners and distributors across various offshore markets.”[2]

Tan told the SBF that it is important “to have the mindset of ‘doing everything with an open mind’ and to believe that the company will grow because of the processes put in place.”[3] With all the strategies in order, Yappy Pets is ready to go global.

Read the Singapore Business Federation article here: https://bizq.sbf.org.sg/2021/10/serving-up-pet-treats-to-the-world/

[1] https://www.sbf.org.sg/images/2021/Company_Case_Study_Series_-_Yappy_Pets_13_Aug_Final.pdf

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Yappy Pets Online Tradeshow: Six Brands Suited for Your Pets’ Needs

“What is the best food product for my pet?” The abundance of pet food brands in the market today certainly does not help in answering what seems to be the most-asked question of fur parents. The question of what you feed your cat or dog should take into account its age, size, breed, and any health issues your pet may have. But none of that will matter if he or she doesn’t like the way the food tastes. Luckily, you can rely on trusted manufacturing companies like Yappy Pets Pte. Ltd. to provide the top, most-trusted brands that can suit your furry friends’ needs – from taste and nutritional benefits to pricing and overall brand reputation.

A manufacturing company based in Singapore, Yappy Pets houses a wide-range of in-house and distributor brands that produce only the best products for your furry pets. It was founded by animal-lover Mr. Yap Seng Teck in June 1994, and since then, the company has expanded across not just Asia, but globally.

The brands represented by Yappy Pets are trusted producers of pet food, treats, hygiene care, accessories and grooming equipment, among others. Yappy Pets is dedicated to providing the best nutrition to your canine and feline friends so they can live a top-notch life.

As a fur parent, do you honestly read the ingredients in your pet food? Do you honestly understand what the ingredients are? Nowadays, more and more pet owners are doing the research and deciding for themselves if the nutritional content and source of ingredients of their pet food meet their standards.

In a collaboration with Alibaba last October, Yappy Pet’s In-house nutritionist Amy Wong presented six pet food brands that either have a current following in the market or a promising sales path in the pet food industry. Read on to find out more about these Yappy Pets-approved brands and how each one can provide the dietary needs your pets require.

1. Top-Ration

Food Range: 2 dog range (Hi Nutrition and Tasty Chunky), 2 cat range (Feline Nutrition and Tasty Bites)
Highlight Ingredients: Soyabean, Fish Collagen, Taurine and Lysine

One of the most affordable and household-friendly products from Yappy Pets, Top Ration is targeted to cater to the mass market. Formulated in the United States and manufactured in Taiwan, Top Ration has a straightforward food range with only two variants each for your dogs or cats. Made with fine and chunky meat, each formula is designed to provide a balance nutrition with high proteins, pre- and probiotics, and lysine and taurine suited to all cats and dogs regardless of age and breed.

According to Yappy Pet’s in-house nutritionist, Amy Wong, Top Ration’s food range for cats are best for lactating mothers and post-surgical felines with its high protein and fats that improve digestion for better nutrient absorption. It is also formulated with fish collagen that helps maintain healthy skin and coat. Lastly, Top Ration Tasty Chunky Dog Kibble also has soyabean, which is rich in calcium and prevents osteoporosis among your pet dogs. If you’re thinking top nutrition, then Top Ration has exactly it for you.

Website: https://www.topration.sg/sampling/

2. NurturePRO

Food Range: Original dog kibbles (3,6, 10 formula) and Nourish Life dog kibbles (6, 9, 12 formula), Nourish Life Dry Food for cats, Longevity Cat Wet Food
Highlight Ingredients: 12 Herbs (Angelica root, Marigold flower​, Dandelion root, Lavender flower, Rosemary extract, Burdock root, Yucca Schidigera extract, Parsley leaf​, Ginkgo, Chamomile​, Cinnamon)

NurturePRO is Yappy Pet’s first in-house brand that features all-natural ingredients. With its wide-range of pet food products, it is mostly known for its freshly-sourced ingredients from the United States and their two main formulas. These two formula combinations are the 3, 6, 10 and the 6, 9, 12, which is the number of mixes of oil, fruit and vegetables, and wild herbs in their products. The 12 healthy herbs comprise in each bag of Nourish Life kibble are chosen by food nutritionists for the unique benefit they bring to the recipe. NurturePRO’s line of food products emphasizes a healthy digestive gut that is proven to be key to overall immune system of pets. Amy, in the online tradeshow, highlighted how the herbs in the recipe are non-harmful and very beneficial to pets specially in fighting off diseases like cancer.

NurturePRO’s wet food series for cats, Longevity, is a best-seller. All grain-free and made with chicken and skipjack tuna white meat, the six flavors: Catnip, Coconut, Cranberries, Ginger, Papaya, Pineapple, aim to target a particular health benefit for cats such as reducing anxiety, lowering UTIs, and bolstering immune system. Amy also demonstrated how each 80-gram can is packed with up to 65 grams of high-quality meat.

Other must-try products by NurturePRO are the Nano Colloidal Silver, which is an antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral & anti-inflammatory spray for wounds for your canine buddy, and the 100% biodegradable Tofu Cat Litter, which comes in four formulas, are 99% dust-free, and made with sponge-like absorbency. These are all proven through Amy’s quick demonstration during the tradeshow.

Website: https://www.nurture-pro.com/

3. Daily Delight

Food Range: 6 dog wet food range, 14 cat food range (6 Pure recipes, 6 Jelly recipes, 2 Mousse recipes)
Highlight Ingredients: fresh meat, vitamins and minerals, omega fatty acids

Manufactured in Thailand, Daily Delight’s line of pet food products boasts ingredients sourced from natural environments such as low-mercury ocean fish, fresh seafood and chicken, open pasture lamb and beef. All products come in a canned packaging with a promise of 100% pure-meat with no fillers, coloring, and preservatives. With a total of 14 recipes for the cat food range, Amy guarantees that even for the pickiest eaters, there is a Daily Delight recipe that will match its taste. The series feature different textures: each of the six Pure recipes is a combination of delicate cuts of Skipjack Tuna and Chicken and another ingredient (baby clam, pumpkin, salmon, shrimp, sea-bream, squid) while the six Jelly recipes aim to further aid overall digestion. The two recipes in the Mousse feature an airy and velvety blend of Mousse combined with Tuna or Chicken, which are more suitable for kittens and post-surgery pets.

Website: https://daily-delight.org/dogs.html

4. Happi Doggy

Food Range: 6 Zest Dental Chew (Apple, Avocado, Milk, Mint, Orange, Strawberry) and 4 Care Dental Chew (for Digestive Support, Hip and Joint Support, Immune Support, Skin and Coat Support)
Highlight Ingredients: Apple Fiber, Eucalyptus Oil, Perilla Extract

Awarded as a 2021 Brand of the Year by World-Branding Awards, Happi Doggy is a delight to fur parents and their pets. Their range of dental chews for dogs is a revolutionary addition in the market. Prior to this, not many knew the importance of dental health to dogs’ overall well-being. These dental chews are made with all-natural ingredients and come in different flavors perfect for your canine’s dental and bodily health.

Amy highlights Happi Doggy’s dedication to provide flavorful treats, which is the primary reason for their recent success. She demonstrated what these dental chews look like. Each treat comes in a bone design, which helps massage your pet’s gums and removes tongue moss even in the hard-to-reach areas. They can also be purchased in different sizes and textures, and you may choose from the 6 fruity flavors of the Zest dental chews or from the 4 benefits of the Care Dental Chews targeted to support your doggy’s health in all life stages. All dental chews are rawhide- and meat-free and grain- and gluten-free to ensure that it will leave your pets with fresh natural breath.

Website: https://www.happidoggy.org/

5. Loveabowl

Food Range: 3 Dog Dry Food Range (Salmon and Snow Crab, Chicken and Atlantic Lobster, Herring and Salmon), 4 Cat Dry food Range, 14 Wet Cat Food Range (7 Chicken Snowflakes, and 7 Tuna Ribbons)
Highlight Ingredients: fresh exotic seafoods (Snow Crab, Herring, Atlantic Lobster, Barramundi, Red Snapper, Shirasu, Mussels) and six superfoods (blueberries, cranberries, pumpkin, spinach, ginger and kelp)

It is hard to miss Loveabowl’s products in the market with a very cute dog on its packaging that come in different bright colors. Manufactured in Canada, Loveabowl products boast unique, locally sourced ingredients such Atlantic lobster, snow crab, and herring fished from the cold waters of the Canadian North Atlantic. This is also the first product to source the very delicious and exotic Snow-crab. It is guaranteed that this novel source of protein will be loved by your pets not only for their fresh flavors but for its anti-inflammatory property, selenium, which helps combat arthritis and oxidative stress.

Each Loveabowl product is packed with live probiotics that make highly digestible meals designed to fortify immunity, reduce inflammation, and give your pets’ coat that shine. Amy mentioned how these probiotics are different for being more heat-resistant so you don’t have to worry about not keeping them refrigerated even after opening. She also emphasized how these exotic seafoods from the shores of Canada will make your pets love seafood – even those with prior allergies, because of how Loveabowl ensures their freshness. A highlight ingredient for each product are the six superfoods meant to boost immunity and keep your fur buddy bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Loveabowl has more lines of products for cats as they are notorious for being picky eaters. Amy mentioned how Loveabowl still make their wet cat food with broth, which is not often in the market nowadays. Broth helps ensure that your cats get the nutrients they need such as Taurine that support their eyes’ health and heart function.

Webiste: https://www.loveabowlpets.com/

6. Earthmade

Food Range: 3 Dog Dry Food Range (Mackerel, Beef, Lamb) and 3 Cat Dry Food Range (Beef, Mackerel, Chicken), Air-dried Dog Treats, Upcoming Products: Wet Canned Dog Food and Freeze-Dried Dog and Cat Food
Highlight ingredients: Manuka honey, Rosehip, Kiwi, Glucosamine and Chondroitin

If you base your purchase of pet food on the product’s packaging, you will be sorry to easily dismiss Earthmade by Boneve. It comes in a plain, brown, paper bag-like packaging, but this eco-friendly material speaks about the goodness of New Zealand-manufactured products. Earthmade boasts an all-natural goodness in a ‘farm-to-bowl’ style with high-quality meat sourced from the pristine landscape of New Zealand, where livestock roam cage-free and stress-free.

If you ever wonder where exactly the meat that goes into your pet’s bowl comes from, then Earthmade’s transparency will impress you. Each bag of Earthmade comes with a batch code—a digital signature that allows it to be traced right back to its New Zealand source. Amy tells us how the strict government regulations in New Zealand compel food businesses to follow sustainability guidelines. From fishing and farming livestock to the preparation and packaging process of these products, all must leave only a certain number of carbon footprint. This is also why Earthmade advocates for air-dried treats, which are healthier for pets compared to dehydrated treats. Air-drying is a technique that makes it easy for pets to digest a high-protein treat and absorb the nutrients they need from raw meat without the mess and fuss. This is certainly more sustainable – not only for businesses but for your pets’ health as well. According to Amy, these air-dried treats are perfect rewards to training dogs as they can easily be broken into pieces with your hand.

Part of Earthmade goodness are ingredients unique to New Zealand pastures. Each Earthmade product is packed with Manuka honey, from the Manuka tree which is native in the country. It is filled with long-lasting antiseptic, antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal properties that help enhance your pet’s gut and intestinal health. Your pets will also get the benefits of Rosehip, which include Vitamin C and a host of amazing antioxidants that support hip and joint health. Lastly, the famous New Zealand Kiwi fruit contains high Vitamin C and a unique fat-free vitamin E that support the immune system, as well as fiber that helps with the expulsion of hairballs among your pets. With Earthmade, you can give your pets a tasty diet that is both nutritionist- and nature-approved!

Website: https://www.earthmadepets.com/

Watch the whole video in Alibaba here.
For more information about these brands and business collaborations with Yappy Pets, call +65 6841 6663, or visit their website, https://www.yappy-pets.com/

For more information about these brands and business collaborations with Yappy Pets, call +65 6841 6663, or visit their website, https://www.yappy-pets.com/

Growing international presence by staying ahead of the digital curve

Singapore Business Federation is proud to present the 7th issue of their Company Case Study Series, which seeks to share translatable key lessons and industry practices for Singapore businesses looking to venture overseas.


In this issue, SBF shine the spotlight on Yappy Pets Pte Ltd. The company started off as a pet food distributor, and is one of Singapore’s biggest distributor and supplier of pet food and accessories today. Its international footprint can be found in countries like China, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand and Indonesia.

Want to know how Yappy Pets grew its international presence by staying ahead of the digital curve?

Download the report here:

World Brand Award: Happi Doggy

Winning an award is always a cause for celebration, but not before we take a moment to express our appreciation to everyone who has made this possible. The Happi Doggy team would like to thank our loyal customer base for keeping the faith in our product and nominating us for this award, right down to the pets who have taken to them so well.

Our gratitude extends to the team at World Branding Awards for putting everything together. Every single member of the Happi Doggy family, from research and nutrition right down to the logistics team, all of your efforts have been rightfully validated. The only way is up, and it will always be our pleasure and honour to continue to set, sustain and exceed our accredited industry standards. To many more Happi moments ahead!

Read more on: Business Wire, AP News, Yahoo News

2. Rabbits’ Welfare Contribution with House Rabbit Society Singapore (HRSS)

Rabbits’ Welfare Contribution with House Rabbit Society Singapore (HRSS)

Besides dogs and cats, Yappy Pets is also passionate about helping out our little furry buddies. Our partnership with HRSS started in 2013 and has been a staple in our corporate social responsibility (CSR) since. HRSS is an all-volunteer group dedicated to rabbit welfare, adoption and education. They also rescue and rehome abandoned rabbits with foster families.

Many of our contributions to the society has been in the form of donations. These donations are mainly rabbit food (Oxbow hay, treats and supplements), during HRSS’s adoption drives and rescue work. During such events, Yappy Pets donate goodie bags and prizes. Our CSR efforts towards the society is still going strong and we intend for it to last for a long time to come.

The following are some events we have participated in over the years.

Adoption & Donation Drives:

  • Be My Santa – A yearly donation drive by HRSS to raise funds for the society.
  • Adoption Collaboration for Ruby-Eyed Rabbits in 2013 – To encourage people to adopt ruby-eyed rabbits. Adoption kits are given out with every successful adoption.
  • #dontspringcleanyourpet effort – rabbit owners are encouraged tpo share a photo pledge and Yappy Pets will donate a bowl of food to the society.
  • Pet Adoption Carnival 2015
  • PawfestSG 2016
  • PETS FIESTA 2016
  • Urban Animal Farm 2018
  • Peter Rabbit Movie Night 2018 – Yappy Pets sponsored Oxbow goodie bags during the movie’s special preview.
  • Bunny Care Forum – Yappy Pets organised and sponsored giveaways and goodie bags for this event.
  • Eunos Community Club Pet Fiesta 2018
  • The Secret Life of Pets Movie Screening 2019 – Yappy Pets sponsored Oxbow goodie bags during this special movie preview.

Rescue work:

  • Tampines Rescue 22nd April 2017 – Yappy Pets sponsored Oxbow products for the bunnies until all of them are in good homes or find themselves a foster home.
  • Tampines Rescue 17th February 2020 – Yappy Pets sponsored Oxbow products for the bunnies until all of them are either adopted or in foster homes.
1. Our ongoing support for VFA

Giving Back with Voices for Animals (VFA)

Since 2013, Yappy Pets has been a strong supporter and partner of VFA. Focussed on the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of retired breeding dogs, VFA receives monthly sponsorships of Nurture Pro Original from Yappy Pets which helps to sustain their ever-growing canine population. We have also been sponsoring adoption kits containing Nurture Pro Original dry food for those who successfully adopt a dog from VFA.

The company has also been actively participating in the shelter’s adoption drives and roadshows ever since, with spots of collaborations for special occasions such as Halloween and Christmas. During these events, such as A Furry Christmas 2016, Yappy Pets would have a booth set up mainly for educating visitors on the goodness of Nurture Pro Original and to give out goodie bags.

In 2018, Yappy Pets’ owners, Mr Yap Seng Teck and Ms Tiffany Wang participated in VFA’s Fundraising Dinner. The couple gave their support for the shelter by bidding on handmade items during the dinner to raise funds. They successfully bid for a LOVE portrait that cost $1,000, the amount of which was donated to VFA.