Rabbits’ Welfare Contribution with House Rabbit Society Singapore (HRSS)

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Besides dogs and cats, Yappy Pets is also passionate about helping out our little furry buddies. Our partnership with HRSS started in 2013 and has been a staple in our corporate social responsibility (CSR) since. HRSS is an all-volunteer group dedicated to rabbit welfare, adoption and education. They also rescue and rehome abandoned rabbits with foster families.

Many of our contributions to the society has been in the form of donations. These donations are mainly rabbit food (Oxbow hay, treats and supplements), during HRSS’s adoption drives and rescue work. During such events, Yappy Pets donate goodie bags and prizes. Our CSR efforts towards the society is still going strong and we intend for it to last for a long time to come.

The following are some events we have participated in over the years.

Adoption & Donation Drives:

  • Be My Santa – A yearly donation drive by HRSS to raise funds for the society.
  • Adoption Collaboration for Ruby-Eyed Rabbits in 2013 – To encourage people to adopt ruby-eyed rabbits. Adoption kits are given out with every successful adoption.
  • #dontspringcleanyourpet effort – rabbit owners are encouraged tpo share a photo pledge and Yappy Pets will donate a bowl of food to the society.
  • Pet Adoption Carnival 2015
  • PawfestSG 2016
  • PETS FIESTA 2016
  • Urban Animal Farm 2018
  • Peter Rabbit Movie Night 2018 – Yappy Pets sponsored Oxbow goodie bags during the movie’s special preview.
  • Bunny Care Forum – Yappy Pets organised and sponsored giveaways and goodie bags for this event.
  • Eunos Community Club Pet Fiesta 2018
  • The Secret Life of Pets Movie Screening 2019 – Yappy Pets sponsored Oxbow goodie bags during this special movie preview.

Rescue work:

  • Tampines Rescue 22nd April 2017 – Yappy Pets sponsored Oxbow products for the bunnies until all of them are in good homes or find themselves a foster home.
  • Tampines Rescue 17th February 2020 – Yappy Pets sponsored Oxbow products for the bunnies until all of them are either adopted or in foster homes.
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