01 Jan 2020

North Paw: Fresh Off The Boat from Atlantic Canada

Introducing NORTH PAW GRAIN FREE – Premium Craft Pet Foods from Atlantic Canada

Using only the finest ingredients like pure-filtered water and sustainably sourced Atlantic herring, we ensure a delicious and nutritious meal for your pets – every time. Raising the bar beyond typical pet food formulation techniques, we’ve developed a series of production innovations that guarantee a finer, fresher, nutritionally dense food for the pets we love.

✅ Grain Free, Suitable for Sensitive Skin Pets

✅ Made with 100% NON-GMO INGREDIENTS
✅ Packed with High Percentage of Proteins
✅ Added Prebiotics for Healthy Gut
✅ Glucosamine and Chondroitin for Strong Joints
✅ Taurine in every formula for Stronger Heart

North Paw is family-made using a trademarked production process COREYTEC:

  1. Fine Grind - Ingredients are thoroughly grinded to produce denser & more nutrient-packed pellets.
  2. Infusion Process - A better absorption process where excess air is removed to ensure nutrients are locked in every kibble without grease.
  3. Freshness Valve - Air-tight packaging prevents oxidation and retains healthy fats, vitamins and flavour for a longer period of time.

North Paw is also the 1st and ONLY Dry Food Brand in the market that contains a premium, novel protein source: Atlantic Lobster!

Due to the special production process of North Paw, the flavours and nutrients retained in every kibble is strong. This is why we provide a 100% MONEY BACK Guarantee program! IF there is a chance your pets do not eat North Paw, we are providing a FULL Cashback Refund.

We’re THAT SURE! We conducted a PICKY EATER CAMPAIGN when we launched North Paw Grain Free, & recruited 30 cats and 30 dogs that are HIGHLY KNOWN to be the most picky littles ones out there! We’re happy & proud to announce that 95% of them successfully converted to North Paw in just 1 WEEK!

Here are some of North Paw's many positive reviews from our customers!

Some reviews from customers:

  1. “I just received North Paw dry food and I can’t believe Lyra ate it without me having to hold it up to his nose! My Bengal cat is always very picky and before North Paw, does not eat any dry food and only eats raw and canned food. Thank you so much for saving my pockets and also not compromising the quality of food I am feeding my cat.” – Lyra, Bengal Cat
  2. “My cat is forever picky with many different brands of dry food. It has been a tedious and hard cycle to find something that is good and she likes. I was pleasantly surprised when she jump right into these kibbles and love them so much! the food is also fragrant, and not oily at all! Would definitely recommend this brand to other pet owners.” – Katie, Mackerel Tabby Cat
  3. "After rotating a few popular brands, my picky mini schnauzer Noodle loves North Paw! As an owner who wants to feed Noodle well but yet budget conscious, I find North Paw is a great value for money choice with quality and high protein content. I’ll definitely be recommending North Paw to Noodle’s friends!" - Noodle, Mini Schnauzer
  4. “I used to cook for my cocker spaniel but now my work schedule became too busy. A friend recommended me this as Jobi has very sensitive ears and some meats somehow caused her to have ear mites. Lobster has been great so far and no ear mites issue. I tried introducing different dry food to her but she hated all of them. This is the first kibble she whimpers for and even tried to steal the whole bag.” – Jobi, Cocker Spaniel