04 Mar 2018

Bunny Wonderland Lo Hei

Held at Food For Thought at National Museum of Singapore, today was a BUNTASTIC day as the Bunny Wonderland (BWL) Family gathered to attend BWL's Lo Hei of the year! What made today even more special is that BWL is also celebrating their 5th Anniversary!

After a wonderful luncheon, BWL prepared games, goodies and even carrot tops for our bunnies to enjoy!

Jackie (Founder of Bunny Wonderland) and Lynne (Co-founder) also took the opportunity to thank BWL's long-time friends such as Beary and volunteers who devoted so much time in helping BWL for the past years.

After the luncheon, a beautiful yet delicious bunny-themed birthday, made by BWL's very own adopter, Yola, was presented to celebrate this rare occasion.

Bunny Wonderland was made possible by all the compassionate and kind folks we have met over the years. We will never forget those who helped us along the way. We hope in times to come, we will have the resources to invite more rabbit lovers to our events. For the power of a community, is what's needed to make our world a better place! Thank you!

It has been a eventful journey and here at YGP, we are so very thankful to BWL and their volunteers for all the work they have done over the years. It has been a pleasure working with you and we will continue to support you!

Thank you! 


cr: Jazsica from The Pixel Flair