27 Jun 2017

Saving the Siameses

On 27th June, a total of 94 cats were found to be kept in horrendous conditions in a three-room flat in Sengkang, Singapore. They have since been rescued by fellow members of the community.

As for the cats - 61 of them are with cat group Saving The Siameses, while 18 are with CWS and 15 are at the vet. 

In collaboration with Saving The Siameses, we and Daily Delight are very happy to help feed and donate canned food to all 94 of them. Daily Delight has pledged to donate a monthly food commitment of 12 cartons of wet food until all the cats have been successfully rehomed.

Ongoing efforts:


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STS's Official Facebook

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News article by Channel News Asia

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Saving The Siameses